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$250 Bricks
We want your name on our front step.
(Volunteer Fire Companies not from Maryland, please place your state on line 3 of brick!) 

A Volunteer fire company. Can you think of one? Can you imagine what would happen if that Volunteer fire company disappears? Volunteer firefighters and EMTs are in dire need and Volunteer fire companies are closing faster than you think. This civic service is a “one of a kind” public service and is the beacon to what we call “community”. Just like a species that becomes endangered, awareness of this situation is vital. Because of what we do, you now know there is a problem. That is our mission. And with your help, we will become a problem solver.

In decades past, our local volunteer fire companies have seemingly fallin out of the public light. Because of this, volunteer staffing has dwindled to an alarming level. Now, volunteer firehouses are left to provide life saving services with an uncomfortable staffing level, even understaffed. This eventually burns out the few that do the job and causes the volunteer fire company to close their doors for good and/or be replaced with a minimal career staffing. If this is news to you, it’s because we, the volunteer fire service, does not have the resources to do so. That’s where we come in.

Introducing, the beginning of a solution. An “outside the box” approach and idea, Second Alarm Brewhouse. This will be the first storefront to focus 100% of its efforts on awareness and recruitment of the Volunteer fire service. It will be the first nonprofit storefront that is non-profit and the first to specifically support the volunteer fire service, we will provide and sustain awareness to and for our local volunteer fire service on a local level.

Help us circumvent this problem. Let’s make certain volunteers are around for generations to come. This has never been done before and is a unique solution to an age old problem. #pioneer.

Making The Second Alarm brewhouse even more unique, we are a coffee shop by day, and a pub by night. Its mission is to promote and sustain the awareness of our local volunteer fire service. With exemplary customer service, (think of the character Norm from Cheers as he’s warmly greeted each day after work), we will offer a vast selection of quality gourmet coffee during the day, with tap beer and a wine selection at night. Providing the only comfortable place to relax in the area will make us the place you want to be. The building offers no kitchen. This is no problem. With a daily rotation of award winning food trucks that will provide customers with a unique and diverse food and beverage selection. This will be the premier social gathering and be yet another charm for the state of Maryland.

This new brewhouse is the flagship location serving as a model as we expand into neighboring counties, states, and eventually, nationwide promoting the awareness and recruitment of the local volunteer fire service.

 Located at a major intersection in Pasadena Maryland, the site is 10 feet from it’s volunteer fire company property owner and in a neighborhood center anchored by Mcdonald’s, Burger King, and CVS, with an average traffic counts of 17,000 vehicles daily.

Did we mention we are purchasing a fire engine, cutting it in half and mounting it to the front of the building. We want you to climb in and get the feeling of what we do.

Let’s get to work. Your support is greatly appreciated. We CAN NOT do this without you.