The Coffee Shop

A newly established morning coffee shop. Offering a full menu of amazing and local coffee. We do not have a kitchen and will be building a food truck dock right onto the building to bring in different food trucks each week to provide our customers a food menu. This decision will allow you a diverse and ever expanding experience. A comfortable place to be, and giving back to our community. That is who we are.

Quality First

With exemplary customer service, we offer a vast selection of quality coffee, delicious breakfast delights, morning sandwiches and a comfortable place to relax. A Volunteer Firehouse themed atmosphere with FREE Wifi. Offering a premier social gathering with a unique and diverse experience every time.


OUR COFFEE BAR HAS YOUR LOCAL COFFEE… Our coffee is from Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company. We pride ourselves by supporting our local businesses and their support for us as well. All of our vendors are local.